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Types of piercing

Ear Piercing

LOBE: refers to the soft lower part of the ear. It is the most common perforation. Thousands of combinations of earlobe piercings are currently being worn to achieve a unique look.

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ANTI-TRAGUS: it is the fold of the cartilage located above the lobe and is just in front of the Tragus.

CONCH: It is located in the middle part of the inner ear. In this perforation, the piercing  "hugs" the outside of the ear, surrounding it and visually looking like a ring around it. We love how it looks! For this piercing you will need a wider ring than on the parts.

CONTRA-CONCH: A new style of piercing, the Contra-conch sits on the convex part of the ear between the Conch and the Helix.

HELIX: This type of piercing is located in the upper part of the ear, on the cartilage. The Helix piercing is one of the most popular. Do you want to see our Helix piercings?

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FLAT: Next to the Rook can be any part of the upper ear plane above the Contra-conch.

FRONT HELIX: It is the front part of the ear that follows the Helix. It is the part that connects the ear to the face, above the Tragus.

ROOK: is a vertical perforation through the ridge in the inner ear closest to the head. Segment Rings and curved bars are ideal for this area.

DAITH: In the center of the ear, it is a very attractive interior piercing.

Daith Piercing

TRAGUS: is the cartilage that stands out at the entrance of the ear canal. Due to this placement, jewelery in the tragus can be seen when looking at the face from the front and is very attractive. This piercing type is a must!

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Nose: The Nostril piercing is located in the lateral cartilage of the nose. There is a wide variety of nose piercing jewelry: gem stones, balls, shapes, rings, etc. Discover our wide collection of nose piercings in 925 Sterling Silver and 316L Surgical Steel.


Septum: Piercing located in the membrane of the nasal septum. CBB, BCR and Segment Rings are used.

bepapaia septum piercing

bepapaia piercing septum

Eyebrow: Piercing located in the eyebrow. It can be horizontal or vertical. Most eyebrow piercing lovers prefer to get the piercing just above the arch of the eyebrow. We can place a BCR or a straight or curved Barbell.


Located under the eye, following the line of the cheekbone, usually just above it.

Lip: located in the space between the chin and the lower lip. It can be in the center of the lower lip, on the left or right side. Placement of a BCR or Labret is recommended.


It is located on each side of the cheek, near where the dimples of the face are generated.

Medusa piercing: it is located between the nose and the upper lip.

Monroe Piercing: It is located between the nose and the upper lip, on the right or left side, like the Marilyn Monroe mole.

Piercing in the tongue and in the frenulum: Located inside the mouth, on the tongue or in the frenulum. They are often used for erotic purposes.